Oscar Speech…

Yes, I have practiced mine since age 6. You know you’ve been working on yours too, don’t lie!!

The Academy Awards-undoubtedly the pinnacle of movie stardom and fashion is upon us!! It doesn’t matter if you are into it or not…it’s just cool! The who’s who, who’s with who and what are they wearing??! Awards season is chock full of the Amaze balls and the What were they thinking?? every year.  These women are shining bright on the Red Carpet  this awards season…



Could (newly engaged Coug) Robin Wright look more elegant??! Naomi Watts always the stunner does it again!! Sofia’s curves, Emilia’s dark locks, Sandy’s emerald…all winners in my book! My Red Carpet favorite this year is Lady Mary, I mean Michelle Dockery. I am so happy to see a Brit killing on the Red Carpet!!!

Who will walk away with the big prize on and off the Carpet! It’s anyone’s guess! Do you have a fashion front-runner???!!?!

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