It’s the little things…

Weekend, do what you want to do weekend when the working day is through!  I am really invested in making every moment of my weekends count.
This one was no exception…pretty great I must say!
I spent time with friends, started and finished a couple of looming projects and spent some quality time with my girl Izzy.


She loves to lounge and is the perfect companion for hours of couch time.
Saturday night was all about feting a girlfriends 40th birthday. Friends and family gathered to celebrate this huge milestone-it was a blast.  At one point I looked around to see so many people who I love and care about all smiles, cutting up, being silly-totally in the moment. It felt great and prepared me to embrace the week ahead. I hope it will be a good one. And for whatever reasons, if it’s not I’ll have the little moments from the weekend to tide me over.

Cheers and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Xoxoxo, Catherine

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