Shady Lady…

Anyone who knows me knows my love of all things Kennedy-especially Jackie.  She personifies style, grace under unbearable pressure, beauty, vision and kindness.  Her look in the 1970’s is absolutely untouchable (and my personal favorite).  Understated elegance meets high fashion meets street style.  Elements of her style continue to inspire designers, stylists and fashion mavens to this day.   Including the iconic sunglasses she almost always wore out in public.

20140324-161912.jpgFor a woman whose every move was under incredible scrutiny, I would imagine her shades gave her the illusion of anonymity.  It’s a wonder she didn’t go out in the Charlie Chaplin banana nose and glasses…but I digress.  This year, in honor of Jackie I’m going big!  I think she would approve of these chic choices.

Oliver Peoples RiaOliver Peoples Ria

Tom Ford Ingrid SunglassesTom Ford Ingrid Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Isla SunglassesCosta Del Mar Isla Shades

 Westward Leaning Ultramarine

Westward Leaning Ultramarine 8.2 (seen on Olivia Palermo)

Marc Jacobs Oversized SunglassesMarc by Marc Jacobs 58mm Oversized Sunglasses

 Jackie Ohh II

Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh II Shades

I can’t wait to see what the Jackie Ohh’s look like!!!  Maybe they will help me channel my inner Kennedy!  We shall see…

Cheers!  Catherine

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