Cooper River Bridge Run 2014…

I got over it!!!! And in the process learned that I. AM. NOT. A. RUNNER. Or more to the point a person who can knock out 6.2 like it’s no big deal. The Bridge Run has become my own internal challenge. A challenge that helps remind me that yes, I can do it-whatever “it” happens to be.

It has also become something that my Dad (who actually is a runner) and I do together. He of course crosses the finish line waaaayyyy ahead of me…but the fact that we get to enjoy the process together is worth its weight in gold.  I will remember Bridge Run days with Dad forever.  It’s a huge day of celebration in Charleston…after the race we ventured to Prohibition to have mimosas with friends then a fun lunch at Rue de Jean.


All in all the perfect day-friends, family, good eats and drinks; all the things a good life is made of!
Cheers and happy Monday!  Catherine

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