The Soundtrack of My Life…

I love music! Let me say it again, I love music all kinds all the time. Growing up in a house where music was present is one of the greatest gifts that my parents have ever given to me.
Of late I have kept it on an eclectic Pandora mix (80’s to King’s of Convenience Radio) and have noticed that a lot of soundtrack tunes have queued up.  I started writing them down because I want to go back and watch some of the movies they belong to.  These are some of my favorites!

If I Could Fall in Love~Lenny Kravitz~Blue Crush
Let Go~Frou Frou~The Holiday
Chicago~Sufjan Stevens~Little Miss Sunshine **love this sawngggg!!!
Amateur~Aimee Mann~Sliding Doors
Too Young~Phoenix~Lost in Translation
Pulling our Weight~The Radio Department~Marie Antoinette
Let’s Dance~David Bowie~Pirate Radio
Inside it All Feels the Same~Explosions in the Sky~Friday Night Lights
Best of My Love~The Emotions~Boogie Nights
My Baby’s Gone~The Louvin Brothers~Crazy Heart
Left of Center~Joe Jackson/Suzanne Vega~Pretty in Pink  **coolest song from an 80’s movie
Tiny Dancer~Elton John~Almost Famous **dedicated to Rodeo Cowboy
Something for Cat~Henry Mancini~Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Arthur’s Theme~Christopher Cross~Arthur
As Time Goes By~Billie Holiday~Casablanca
Chloë Dancer/Crown of Thornes~Mother Love Bone~Singles

bonus track: Feel The Heat~John C. Reilly & Mark Whalberg~Boogie Nights
**the funniest 80’s “song” ever.  Do yourself a favor and watch it on youtube.

All songs are found on ITunes and

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