Cheers, It’s Monday…

Hellooooooo Monday! As much as I love the weekend, I’m glad you are here.  I had a jam-packed crazy schedule last week!!  I am looking forward to returning to the routine of a full week of work, gym, and getting my house back in order.  I did have a few quiet hours yesterday to read and browse the world-wide web.

I came across a great article Jonesin’ for Likes: Staying Sane on the Internet on Wit & Delight.  The article explores our obsession with social media and tips on how to wrangle it in.  Let’s be honest…when you are at dinner with friends and look up to find every single person sitting around the table face down working the Iphone-not good.   Like most obsessions, this has to stop!

Furbish StudioContinuing on my browse-a-thon I visited one of my favorite design websites, Furbish Studio seen above.  Furbish is the dreamy creation of designer, blogger and visionary Jamie Meares.  Her daring and fun mix of colors and patterns has led to me to commit to a master bedroom update.  I am going to start with lighting, bedding and Furbish’s amazing accents.

In retail news, J Crew has 25% off online.  I am sweating this bathing suit and this sunny dress! Can’t wait to pull the trigger on payday.

Tory Daily featured a blurb on The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance—What Women Should Know.  Written by Womenomics authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, The Confidence Code is a discussion on the importance of self-confidence for women in the workforce.  The Confidence Code looks like a guide we could all reference from time to time.  I face self-doubt in my sales career on a daily basis.  Teach me how to eliminate a portion of that and I am all in.  I can’t wait to get reading!

And on that note, back to the grind!  Have a wonderful week friends!  XOXO, Catherine

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