Madeover, Madewell…

One of the many amazing aspects of WordPress (my web host) is the fact that I can change my theme-or try on something new until I find my perfect look.  So readers, what do you think of the new format??!  Love it, hate it…should I press forward or have I found “the one”??!

Speaking of the one, I finally made it into the one and only Madewell on King Street over the weekend.  A brand of J Crew Group Inc, Madewell prides its self of being a jean bar that has it all-the goal being to outfit you from head to toe.  I gotta’ tell you…they pretty much do!

Madewell 1

The Kensington Satchel ~ The Thea Sandal ~The Jean Jacket ~ Aloha Ferry Sweater


Don’t all laugh at once!  It’s my first dressing room selfie-sesh!  Love these jeans-boyfriend fit, but snug in all the right places.  I am going to get them in white and wheat (pictured).  Greek inspired linen top-it also comes in a deep red.

Madewell 2
Vacay Sweater (smiliar)~ Morningside Shiftdress (love love this!!)~ Zipline Mini Dress


Camo drawstring shorts (in-store only), yes please with the VNeck Slouch Tee.

Clearly I need to watch 100 YouTube videos on how to perfect the dressing room selfie.  I’ll be practicing in a store near you.  Do we think there is a class at the community college on this latest social media craze??!  I guess we shall see!

Happy Tuesday Friends,  XOXO  Catherine

One thought on “Madeover, Madewell…

  1. hi sugar! I can’t remember the old format, send me one and I will compare:) love ya, miss ya! let’s try to get together this weekend!

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