Splurge vs. Silly…

While lounging by the pool this weekend one of my girls asked if I had decided on my birthday splurge. As we chatted away, I had to admit that I hadn’t actually given it much thought (shocking, right??!)!!  In my mind a splurge has always been something that you really shouldn’t afford, but do.  Now that I have incorporated buying for blogging purposes I have discovered that is not really the case.

For Example:  the first image that pops into my head when I think of something I am literally DYING to have and have coveted for a quite some time is…

Hermes Clipper

The Hermes Clipper steel & yellow gold watch with mother of pearl dial…DYING-would love to have it-but I’m pretty sure unless it’s a gift it is not something that I would splurge on-for me that would be just silly.  It would throw a major monkey wrench into my annual budget or put me in serious debt.  Both, bad idea central!

A more realistic splurge would be…

Valentino Rock Stud.jpgThe Valentino “Rockstud” T-Strap pump in Poudre.  I have love, love, loved these since I saw my fav blogger Jacey (the Damsel in Dior) sporting them on her blog.  I know…not very original, but I would wear them non-stop.  Edgy, sexy and versatile too -total swoon!  So, here is the big question…if I  were to buy these (or, when I buy them) I will have to save for them.  At that point, is it still a splurge??!

It is a goal this summer to reign in my daily/weekly/monthly “little splurges”.  I am totally the type of shopper who will run out and buy something in the moment just to throw on.  I think those throw on’s all added together could afford me a real splurge.  It’s my 90 day plan to find out!  I’ll let you know how it goes.  In the mean time check out some of my other swoon-worthy items.

SwoonLouis Vuitton Artsy MM ~ DVF Jordan Print Silk Maxi ~ JCrew Collection Beaded Top

Have a great day!  Stay hydrated…it’s gonna be a scorcher!  XOXO,  Catherine



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