Summer Party…

Everyone loves a summertime party…being outside enjoying cold lemonade, colder beer, BBQ, fresh peaches and hummingbird cake.  I have a big one coming up this weekend!

The biggest challenge I face when planning for one of these great summer days is-what the heck to wear…cause it is hot and humid in the  sunny south!   I started perusing my favorite online boutiques last night to see if anything jumped out-I’m thinking sun-dress that I can wear with flops.

Dress 2~ Cameo Second Song Dress~

 Dress 3

~ CP Shades (my new fav) Regina Tunic Dress ~

Lavie1~Free People Marlow Dress ~

Dress 4~ Mink Pink The Pianist Dress ~

Dress 6~ Anthropologie Waverly Cocoon Tunic ~

Friends and family are coming to Charleston to fete my Mom for her 70th birthday.   I can’t believe we are about to celebrate this major milestone.  I am most excited to see her so excited to be the center of attention!!   **I’ll have party pics up next week!!

Happy Tuesday…enjoy your day!  XOXO,  Catherine

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