No Grit…

I had a pretty great day yesterday.  Early workout, crazy but fruitful workday, caught up with my ex-pat Mom , monthly massage and rounded it out having dinner with a sweet friend.  My life is pretty darn fantastic at this moment.  I am so lucky (or whatever you call it) to have a job that is in the road-one that I am in control of where I can create my own success.  My friends and family are amazing.  I am supported by the best group of people on the planet-that’s right…YOU!  My home, my animal…all good!  Everyone for the most part is happy, healthy and moving forward.

I was so close to turning if off for the day and BOOM.  I ran across something that just totally busted it all up.  Ugh…I got that sick feeling in my stomach and a major case of the “Oh woe is me’s”!!!  What did I do you may be wondering??!  Took it to Pinterest to look for artwork for my forthcoming master bedroom gallery wall to distract me from the crapola that had crept in my back door.  And then I saw it…

no grit no pearl

I actually laughed out loud!  Because it’s so true, because it contains a jewelry reference (totally speakin’ my language), because this is what our parents teach us…that shit is going to happen and you just have to get over it, and because of the word grit-I am a southerner, you know??!   Life is not always the way I want it to be-but it’s pretty darn awesome and besides like the sign says NO GRIT, NO PEARL!

Happy Friday Folks…enjoy every single minute of your weekend!  XOXO,  Catherine

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