Artisan Friend…

SO have I mentioned that I have a serious jewelry addiction??!  A stylish purse, favorite piece of jewelry and sky high pair of heels can get you pretty far in this life.  But I digress.  Sweet friend and jewelry designer Christina Jervey let me into her new home this past week to tour her amazing new workspace and take my own version of the Proust Questionnaire…

Christy studio

Christy 1CG:  Why Jewelry?

CJ:  Jewelry is an outlet for personal expression.  I try not to think about the deeper social, psychological and anthropological meanings of jewelry and adornment.  But simply, jewelry makes you feel good (AMEN sister!!)

CG:  Which piece that you have designed is your favorite??!

CJ:  My wedding bands are my favorite piece ever.  I’ve had them on for seven straight years and love them more every day.  I not only love their meaning, but I love the simplicity of the design.

CG:  What are your primary influences??!

CJ:  Nature has never ceased to amaze me.  Clearly there are alot of organic influences in my work.  From texture to form, I love irregular shapes and imperfect design.  I love finding beauty in imperfection.  Recently I’ve started incorporating more geometric and modern lines into my creations.  Trending towards a minimal, modern approach to design.

Christy jewelry

CG:  If you could custom make a piece for anyone, who would it be and what would you make them??!

CJ:  Engagement bands are my favorite piece of jewelry to make.  There is not a specific person I’d like to design for, but just knowing this piece will be worn indefinitely and symbolizes a union of marriage is completely gratifying.

CG:  What kind of Halloween candy are you giving out??!

CJ:  Reeses Cups…hands down fav Halloween candy!

I had so much fun-tried a million pieces on, marveled at her inspiration board…and came away with her amazing new 14 Karat Gold Hand Forged Neck Cuff.  On the wish list….her signature Stick Earrings, Organic Ruby Band, and Talon Pendant.

Thank you so much for the tour!  I can’t wait to see who’s going to be my next interviewee!!!  To see more of Christy’s work click HERE.

Christina Jervey Jewelry
on insta:  @christinajerveyjewelry


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