Wednesday Workout…

Working out is not something I love to do. Never have…most probably never will.  Unfortunately, as a major foodie/over 40 single woman I have to put my best foot forward and feel the burn!  Why not make the best of it with stylie workout gear and the best trainer ever.

I have been working with Cissy for a little over a year.  She is absolutely brilliant.  Her workouts incorporate cardio, weights, strength training, barre and yoga.  She is constantly pushing herself to learn what’s new in the fitness world so she can bring new elements into our workouts.  For me…this is such a help as I would rather be out picking daisies than being anywhere close to the gym.

Cissy Workout #1

Warm Up:  Treadmill for 5 minutes at 3.5 mph

1st interval:  4 sets of push up’s, jump squats, dips, walking lunges (each leg) 15 each.  After each set run a single stair case three times, jog down.  4 drills total=12 stairs.

2nd interval: 12 hammer curls with 10 lb dumbbells followed by straight leg walks with a resistance band around your ankles followed by 30 jumping jacks with resistance band.

3rd interval:  10 minutes of walk/run on the treadmill.  Walk one minute at 6.0 incline/3.5mph.  Run one minute at 1.0 incline/5.8mph.

I have done this particular workout twice.  It kicked my butt both times (literally!!).  If you start to feel tired or overly shaky, you can easily modify but keep going until the end.  The payoff is amazing!

Now…what to wear for this workout!

target workoutwearGreat buys from!  Champion capri leggings~Champion Hoodie

Asics floASICS Women’s Running Shoe **always on sale on Amazon!!

north face purple vestThe North Face Hyline Hybrid Vest **perfect weight to layer if you are working out outside in the winter months!!

pheel sweatshirtPheel Luxe Sweatshirt **new find

pheel leggingsPheel Prism Leggings  **dedicated to Ash and Ans!!

Get working and get shopping folks!  Have a great Wednesday!  XOXO,  Catherine

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