Wednesday Wishlist…

Is there an end to the wishlist…in my case I think not!  I am doing a TON New Years purging in an attempt to get my house, life and closet in order.  One would think that would shorten the wishlist!  Not so! I have found that the more I purge, the more room I have to fill with new beautiful things!

WW 1-7 JewelryAshley Pittman cuff~ Julie Vos earrings~ Ashley Pittman bangle set obsessed!

WW 1-7 Julie Vos earrings

The amazing Kat Tanita author of one of my favorite blogs, With Love From Kat rocking the Julie Vos D’Argent Earrings.  If With Love is not on your daily blog roll it should be!  She has amazing taste…very laid back with a hint of juge!

WW 1-7 shoesI have pretty much decided that for my average sales day that my dogs are going to be wearing flats…unless it is a formal meeting or special occasion that is what my feet need these days.  Why go through the pain of running around making sales calls all day in heels when there are such wonderful options such as these Dolce Vita beauties!   I love this Steel Grey option as well.

WW 1-7 instyleIf you haven’t picked up this month’s issue of InStyle…what are you waiting for!  Great outfit and beauty tips (as usual) and a pretty raw article from Jen Ann.  I’m so excited to see Cake…she is getting major Oscar buzz-can’t wait to see her Red Carpet confections this awards season.  Also, make sure to turn to pg. 80 to see InStyle’s favorite looks from everyone’s favorite Downtown heroine, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery).  Stunning!

I hope you enjoy this week’s list…sorry it’s so short!  Off to the next activity on the list!!  XO, Catherine

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