It’s Time for Feedback…

Thank you

Hello Everyone!  As I hit send to post yesterday, WordPress informed me that I was publishing my 80th post!  Wow…my little pet project has really taken off!  It has been so much fun for me to come up with new and different things to blog about.  Spending time on something constructive other than work adds much-needed fun back into my days.  Flexing that creative muscle is important to maintain a sense of balance and frankly…it keeps me out of a little bit of trouble too!  🙂

In taking it to the next level I need to become more organized, commit to posting a certain amount of content, and work on my graphics and pictures.  I also need to hone in on topics that are popular with YOU!  Sooooooooo, my readers and friends I am asking for your help.  What do you like, what don’t you like…is there a post or feature that you would like to see more of??!  What is helpful and leads you to purchase??!  Anything and everything you think about laviebythesea I need to know!

Thank you all SO much for reading and supporting me on this journey.  I look so forward to your comments and feedback!  XOXO,  Catherine