Brasserie Gigi…

Good news everybody!!  There is definitely no shortage of new restaurants in Charleston-how does one find the time to try them all??!

A friend suggested that we lunch date at Brasserie Gigi on the market.  I have to admit…as in the loop as I think I am, I had not heard of it.  Anything remotely French has my heart so it was an automatic and enthusiastic YES!

Gigi’s is located on North Market just down from Peninsula Grill.  I arrived and was pleasantly surprised to see an old space totally revitalized looking like a cafe you might find on the Rue de Montparnasse in Paris.


Gigi Menu

The menu was to die for…traditional French cuisine and a mouth watering raw bar selection.  We settled on French Onion soup and the speciale de jour…seafood crepes with frites!  DEE-vine!

Gigi creapes

Gigi Frites

Another venture from Charleston restauranteur Hank Holiday Brasserie Gigi has the chops put the Market back on the list of places to go see and be seen!

Gigi Bar

If it had been another day…we would have cozied up and spent our afternoon drinking Champy with the rest of the natty crowd that was in attendance.   We restrained promising the next visit would be in the PM for the whole Brasserie Gigi experience.  Where is your new fav in our metro??!  I’m always up for suggestions!

Gigi Outside

Brasserie Gigi
102 North Market
Charleston, South Carolina 29401

Happy Hump Day!  XOXO,  Catherine