Spring Wedding Weekend…

This past weekend could not have been more gorgeous in the old Charleston, SC.  It was quite literally the perfect backdrop for the Duchon/Dante wedding.  The bride and groom’s families traveled from Michigan and all over the northeast.  Guests spent the week touring, enjoying long days on the beach and gearing up for the main event.

20140427-180431.jpg~Charleston Harbor views wedding morning~

20140427-180459.jpg~Pre-reception with Nat at Rue de Jean~

Duchon Wedding~Father/Daughter Dance~

The ceremony was perfect-made all the more special with a moving tribute to the groom’s Mother who passed away earlier this year.   The wedding message was about finding and growing your love, the importance of partnership and respect as marriage is meant to be a lifelong journey.  On to the reception where we ate, drank and danced the night away!  Perfection!

Cheers and have a happy Monday!  XOXO,  Catherine



Cooper River Bridge Run 2014…

I got over it!!!! And in the process learned that I. AM. NOT. A. RUNNER. Or more to the point a person who can knock out 6.2 like it’s no big deal. The Bridge Run has become my own internal challenge. A challenge that helps remind me that yes, I can do it-whatever “it” happens to be.

It has also become something that my Dad (who actually is a runner) and I do together. He of course crosses the finish line waaaayyyy ahead of me…but the fact that we get to enjoy the process together is worth its weight in gold.  I will remember Bridge Run days with Dad forever.  It’s a huge day of celebration in Charleston…after the race we ventured to Prohibition to have mimosas with friends then a fun lunch at Rue de Jean.


All in all the perfect day-friends, family, good eats and drinks; all the things a good life is made of!
Cheers and happy Monday!  Catherine