A Happy 4th…


I hope everyone had a safe, happy, FUN 4th of July weekend.  Charleston was totally a-buzz with activity.  I enjoyed spending time in the sun, did a little shopping and was glued to the TV for yesterday’s Gentleman’s finals at Wimbledon.  What a match! Although my man came up short it was a total nail biter between 2 true sportsman.  It was also pretty cool seeing The Prince and Princess, Bradley Cooper, Kate Winslet, Posh & Becks and a very dapper Samuel L. Jackson cheering in the stands.  Click HERE to see the Daily Mail’s photo diary!

Back to the grind…Happy Monday!  Let’s make the most of it!  XOXO,  Catherine

photo credit:  Blake Lipscomb


Thankful (it’s) Friday…

Rockville, SCHello and happy Friday!  I am a tad on the unprepared side today as I write today’s post.  This week has been crazy busy!  Re-entry from vacation (always a bit#h!!), immersing myself back into work, and hosting last night’s Mother’s Day Happy Hour for My Sister’s House (click to learn more about My Sister’s House and donate here).  Salty Girls and Dee Ruel (as seen on etsy) host a fantastic celebration.  In its third year I feel like the party AND three of us have hit our stride.  The common goal is to make the most we can for those who have so little-and to create a night about family, friends and fun!!

Thank you Dee and Amber and everyone who came out and made last night a huge SUCCESS!  Back to work, and looking forward to kicking off my weekend in one of my favorite places in the Lowcountry!!

Cheers!  xoxo,  Catherine


Cooper River Bridge Run 2014…

I got over it!!!! And in the process learned that I. AM. NOT. A. RUNNER. Or more to the point a person who can knock out 6.2 like it’s no big deal. The Bridge Run has become my own internal challenge. A challenge that helps remind me that yes, I can do it-whatever “it” happens to be.

It has also become something that my Dad (who actually is a runner) and I do together. He of course crosses the finish line waaaayyyy ahead of me…but the fact that we get to enjoy the process together is worth its weight in gold.  I will remember Bridge Run days with Dad forever.  It’s a huge day of celebration in Charleston…after the race we ventured to Prohibition to have mimosas with friends then a fun lunch at Rue de Jean.


All in all the perfect day-friends, family, good eats and drinks; all the things a good life is made of!
Cheers and happy Monday!  Catherine