It’s Friday, Funday, Friday, Friday…

Beach Reading

~Looking back…Today is the 70th anniversary of DDay-the epic battle that changed the course of WWII.  Vanity Fair’s profile of Robert Capa’s Longest Day details the iconic photographers’ landing on the beach at Normandy with the 1st Infantry Division.  Only 11 of his photos made it through the battle.  They are truly amazing, as is his story.

~The 80’s called…To say that Club Monaco has brought back Tretorns.  They are totally tubular!  Really!

~Put the tissues in the purse…The Fault in Our Stars goes into wide release this weekend.  Starring Hollywood favorites Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, it has distinct shades of Terms of Endearment.

~JCrew Sale alert…JCrew has 25% off select summer styles through June 8th.  I am loving this silk confection and this halter one-piece and these flower bud tassel earrings.

~nomnom…I can’t wait to try Leon’s Fine Oysters & Poultry downtown.   The menu consists of fried seafood, chicken and all the appropriate accoutrements.  The wine & craft beer lists look extensive…there is even a “cheap beer” selection featuring Keystone Light.  YUM!

~Tory’s Take...Recently speaking at the Babson College commencement, style icon and industry leader Tory Burch regaled the class of 2014 with her thoughts on what it takes to be a true entrepreneur in today’s world of instant gratification, Instagram, instant everything.  For the complete speech, click here.  She’s awesome…it’s as simple as that.

~It’s a Charleston tradition…The 2014 Spoleto Festival wraps up this weekend with the finale at Middleton Place featuring Charleston’s own Shovels & Rope.  It is a day of picnics, fine food, craft beer and live music in the beautiful gardens at Middleton.  I can’t go this year (sad face) but you definitely should!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Mine is starting in exactly 47 minutes…but who’s counting!

XOXO,  Catherine




Southern Charm (ish)…

I’m pretty sure the biggest thing to hit Charleston since Sherman’s Army is Bravo’s portrait of the “genteel” south, Southern Charm (insert eye-roll here).  Though we all know it is purely for entertainment purposes,  there has been much debate about the picture it paints of the south and our beloved Charleston.

Although I have not watched a whole episode (I literally can’t-my TV automatically shuts off) what I have seen looks forced, insincere, self-serving, extremely boorish and so far from anything having to do with anything that makes Charleston Charleston.  Hats off to Bravo for the phenomenal background shots.  Maybe the upside to this debacle will be an increase in tourism dollars for the Lowcountry??!

What gives Charleston its “Southern Charm” is The Peanut Dude, the Pitt Street Bridge, The Spoleto Festival, Saturday’s on the IOP with friends, early morning surf at The Washout, Sunday dinner with the family, your fella’s pick of 100 stunning local golf courses, loyalty, friendship, a love of the ocean and a sense of heritage that brings you closer to your neighbor-not sets you apart.  Boo-hiss Bravo, boo-hiss!

Do you have an opinion of this carpet-bagging faker??!  I’m shuwa that you do dawlin’!!!  xoxo, Lavie