Master Overhaul…

I am soooooo excited to have actually started my master bedroom makeover.  I will mull it over, hem-haw and procrastinate until the project is nothing but a distant memory.

The first piece of the puzzle (always the toughest to put in place) came from total impromptu shopping trip to the new Tuesday Morning in Mt. Pleasant at Belle Station Shopping Centre.  It is AWESOME…clean, fully stocked with every home good you can imagine-all at an affordable price.  I came across this steel grey and ecru rug (100% wool 5×8) for $60 bucks and knew I struck gold.  Step #1…done~!

Rug Tues AM

Step #2…After hearing about the new House Account app from a friend (more on this later…its an amazing shopping resource) I found these mid-century bedside tables on the Charleston Revisions page.

Chas Revisions Table

Charleston Revisions is my new go-to for furniture and home accessories in the Lowcountry.  I can’t wait to share more of my Revisions acquisitions as I move further into this project.  What will step #3 entail…we shall see!

More of my room “I wants” below…


Black Bamboo Lamps ~ Charleston Revisions

serena and lily sheetsGobi Embroidered Sheets ~ Serena & Lily

Fringe PillowFuchsia Fringe Pillow ~ Furbish Studio

Floor CushionFloor Cush 2

Jungle Diamond Cushion ~ Furbish Studio love the side detailing!!

In other news  my international Mother arrived from Boca Chica, Panama last night for a month!  We will be running around town seeing and doing all the things she has missed in the last year.  Suggestions??!  I’ll take them!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!  XOXO,  Catherine